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When you feel good, it shows

What would it feel like to stop worrying about your dog’s behaviour and truly enjoy them

At Your Whole Dog, my aim is to help you and your dog love life with one another without suffering constant stress and upset that your dog’s behaviour is unmanageable.

I will help you to understand your dog and communicate with them in a way they understand so that you can both enjoy the incredible bond you always wished for.

Minus the behaviour that’s sending you round the bend!

About Me

I’m Karen, and I’m a canine behaviourist and a dynamic dog practitioner. That means I can help you not just understand and change your dog’s behaviour but that I look at your whole dog.

It all starts with understanding your dog’s emotional and physical needs.

I’ve always been fascinated by dog behaviour. It all started when I began spending time in Yellowstone just sitting and watching the wolves in the wild there.

I’d spend eight hours a day just sitting and observing them.

Freezing temperatures couldn’t keep my curiosity at bay. I just yearned to understand them. And to grasp the distinctions between them and our domesticated dogs.

My thirst for knowledge continued, and I went on to study for my ISCP diploma in dog behaviour and started a dog walking business.

And my observations and learning continued.

Karen Carnell Your Whole Dog
There’s always a way to turn things around
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Dog walking was a HUGE eye-opener for me. I’d spend my days in the company of lots of dogs, and I started noticing that many of them had problems.

But dog training alone just wasn’t solving them.

For some, there was something more than just behaviour at play.

The way they moved, there was something else going on, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

Then I stumbled across, the Dynamic Dog Practitioner Programme. And it all started making sense.

I wasn’t imagining things. There were physical problems that were having an impact on some of these dogs’ behaviour.

And I learned how to objectively observe a dog, their movements and reactions to things, and to tie this in with any behaviour issues occurring.

So that instead of just trying to eradicate a problem behaviour, we’re addressing the whole dog and making changes not just to how they behave, but how they feel.

“Karen serves as an exemplary model in the field of canine behaviour and as a dog behaviourist.

Her efforts at strengthening the bond between human and canine friend will always be guaranteed from conception to completion.

Her work ethics are out of this world, and I cannot recommend Karen enough.

A huge reach out goes to those looking to develop what can often be considered an elusive bond with their best friend. Highly recommend.”

– Tim

When the guilt hit

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Karen Carnell canine behaviourist dynamic dog practitioner

As I worked through the dynamic dog practitioner training, I started looking at my own dog in a new light.

Other than playing hard and continuously seeking the zoomie adrenaline buzz, she didn’t have any major behaviour problems, and I never suspected there was anything wrong.

But, oh my! What I’d learned suddenly showed me that she was, in fact, in pain.

And it wasn’t like I imagined.

I expected a dog in pain to display some pretty big issues.

The guilt was huge. I felt so bad that I hadn’t realised there was anything going on for her.

But once I knew, I could start making changes to make her feel better.

Letting go of that guilt and focusing on the positives was life-changing for her, and for me.

“Very professional, knowledgeable and caring. Karen has a real love and interest in all dogs and their behaviour and takes her ongoing related studies very seriously.

Bob Beagle just loves her and can’t wait for her to come in the gate.

We’re very fortunate to have found Karen, as not everyone is the right person for your dog.”

– Kim, Sue and Bob

How we can work together

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Walk & Train

Get hands-on help to transform your dog walks from stressful to joyful
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Is My Dog In Pain?

Get a thorough assessment of your dog’s physical wellbeing

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Dog Behaviour Training

Get dog behaviour training support and turn your dog’s bad habits around

Not sure which service is right for you?

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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m here to help you figure out the best course of action for your problems and your dog.